Future of learning

The advantages of elearning

eLearning is teaching via electronical devices like desktop pcs as well as mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. eLearning allows the creation of a multimedial experience, the involvement of the user and using multiple senses while learning. Some universities and schools already offer a connection of normal lesson content and eLearning. There are also some companys, like babbel.com, that use browser based eLearning to teach languages. Utilizing eLearning, in the way openMinerva will do it, has many advantages to teacher based education programs.

eLearning can be distributed via the internet or on hard drives. It has an extreme multiplier effect. It only needs to be setup once and will be available forever.

eLearning doesn’t need as much funding as teacher based education. The investment/effect ratio is superb. Only a small amount of funding has to be spend for operation. Most of it can be used to create more and even better content.

eLearning is possible out and about. Mobile devices allow access to education in nearly every place.

eLearning never sleeps. It is always available for the user when it is needed. Downloading subjects or subparts on the hardware even allows independency of the internet connection.

eLearning can be done in between. Short lessons with 10-15 min length allow learning during a small break.

eLearning with openMinerva is much more effective. Imagine your favorite, most patient and best teacher from school would have taught every subject.

eLearning can be repeated as often as it is needed for comprehension.

eLearning assists organizations that support remote communities with hardware.

eLearning can cover subjects that wouldn’t be covered in some areas. As there are no teachers available for it, or because of social pressure.

eLearning enables a highly vivid learning experience. Taking advantage of the technical possibilities like video animations, mini games and lots of other visual content.

eLearning directly involves the user. Improving the learning experience and motivation.

eLearning can break down complicated subjects in small subparts.  Smaller sessions, with less content, highly increase the understanding and user motivation.

eLearning let’s the user decide what he needs the most. openMinerva will only give directions, on relations between content parts, and an estimated age category, to prevent users from frustration.

eLearning aids people that have a hard time to access education in their society. For example illiterates or people that are segregated from the public.

eLearning is able to provide education in possibly dangerous areas like war zones, without endangering teachers and personal.

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