Education as solution


Humanity still faces many challenges in these modern times. From driscrimination of individual groups, to endangering the environment due to ignorance or lack of sense of responsibility. Many of these problems have deep-set causes, that can’t be fought with short term solutions. They require a change of thought that carries on through multiple generations. Behaviour and thought patterns like racism are not natural and taught by the social environment. Education can disrupt this vicious circle and inspire future generations.

oppressive and exploitative governmental forms

Even in the 21st century some governments take advantage of the poor education level, or the mere ignorance about human rights and democratic processes.

social systems with levels instead of stairs

The current economic system leads to a huge division between industry nations and the rest of the world. Plenty of great potential is wasted, because the entry barriers for higher education are hardly accessible in poor countries.

exploitation of the earth

Environmental pollution is a topic that still needs to see major change in awareness and behaviour. Although much has been achieved in the last years, the destruction of our own planet continues.

antiquated social norms

It is normal that societies have sinus like changes in (conservative/progressive) thinking, from generation to generation. But society should overall still advance their norms to a more equitable way of living.


Radicalism in every form is once more a great problem in our times. Either in religious, political or ethnical way, it is a consequence of poor education, lack of possibilities and missing guidance.


Discrimination of ethnicity, sexuality, gender, religion or ideology is still prevalent in many parts of the world. No human should be restricted by his identity.

impairment of free speech

The possibility to give one’s opinion is an integral part of an equal and democratic society. It requires freedom of speech to think out of the box and make great advances.

Education is a long-term solution

How do humans decide in their every day life? How do we decide if we like a person or support a cause? Every decision we make is influenced by three main things. Influencers like parents, past experiences and knowledge. School education takes a great part in shaping who we are and how we perceive the world. Teachers can act as influencers, experiences in school can map our future way and education for itself helps us define our value and possibilities. The aim of openMinerva is to produce an engaging and captivating learning experience, while teaching basic humanitarian, democratic and ecological values.

Education not only affects our personality. It enables us to participate and shape the world around us. Education can level the steep hill that our social system or local value systems represent. Many people never get to reach their full potential. This is mostly attributed to motivation or social status. Motivation can depend greatly on self perceived value or a missing perspective in life. openMinerva is available for everyone. It doesn’t differentiate between humans of any kind. openMinerva helps establishing a basic education to conquer the globalized world. It then allows to build knowledge based on personal interests or needs. Defining personal value and building aims. Enabling every user to reach their personal potential.

Influential Factors of Education

But it has a short- and long-term effect on humans and societies. It has a direct effect in teaching valuable skills that can be used to improve the personal situation. It indirectly teaches important values for a globalized and equal world. Although it can take multiple generations to show direct effects , these values can be passed on from generation to generation and may improve the situation of whole societies.

equal opportunities

Education is the most successful way to promote disadvantaged parts of the society and disrupt the steep entry barriers.

expanding horizons

Education prepares for a globalized world and acceptance of differences.

problem-solving competence

Education supports community capacity building.

social competence

Education can teach valuable social skills for a joint and peaceful coexistence.

critical thinking

Education improves critical thinking and enables analyzing and criticizing of problems.

drive for innovation, research and development

Education creates the foundation for innovation and further thirst of knowledge. It can empower people to improve not only their own, but their communities situation.

environmental awareness

Education should emphasize ecological problems, promote personal responsibility and teach recommendations for actions.

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